How to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Ba ck

ד download Format Kindle How to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Ba ck ⢙ PDF by Lindsay Brin ⣖ INTRODUCTIONWe often refer to a childs birth as a blessed event Theres a reason for that For many women, having a child is the ultimate experience of their adult life Sure, theres no important duty your body will be asked to perform than to bear a child But you are asked to put on anywhere from fifteen to thirty five pounds within nine months This would be hard for anyone to lose But the good news is a majority of that weight will go when the baby is born The rest is up to you and how you take care of yourself now meaning dont gain too much too fast.Whether you think of it as expressing her reproductive destiny, getting knocked up, an oops, or as her fulfilling her maternal instinct to nurture and protect, having a baby is one of the defining moments of a womans life From the moment she hears the news from a doctor or sees the two red lines on a home pregnancy kit, her life is going to be changed forever Or if youre like me you cried when your husband told you that you were pregnant after the nurse called with HCG numbers, and were shocked to be carrying twins Some women are scared out of their minds and optimistic but pessimistic about how its all going to turn out I hope for you and your family its a time of joy and optimism, but if its notyou are not alone in being scared I was Nervous Nelly, even knowing all I know about pregnancy.Not only is your life going to change, but your body is going to undergo a series of changessome wonderful, some wacky, some initially frighteningthat could potentially leave you looking like a different person than you were before your pregnancy.I think you either have it easy or you have it hard You enjoy it or you dont But either way the goal is to get to forty weeks If youre like me the glow is green to gills, tired is insomnia instead, and loving every minute of it is I am ready to jump out of my skin.Lets face it, if you picked up this book, you did so because, as thrilled as you are about the life changing events surrounding the birth of your child ren , the one thing you want to see undone or to be able to go back to is your best pre pregnancy bodyor even better Yes, it can be done, and you can look better than you did in high school You want to be that hot mom You know, the one everyone comments on You cant be serious You just had a baby six months ago Look at you I thought you were the babys nanny, not her mother Vain Maybe, but I know I wanted to be that mom.I also know that many of you are interested in staying fit during pregnancy Whether its because of your own personal experience or because you saw a friend or family member struggle with losing the weight gained during pregnancy, you want to do whatever you can to stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy Or, like many of my good friends, you gained sixty pounds with your first child and realized how un fun it was getting that weight off Or you could still be carrying weight from the first one and dont want to be extra overweight by the time this one pops out Or you do it because you know you have to or its your only way to de stress with three other kids at home Or you work out on occasion and have decided now is the time to really take care of yourself like the 4 percent of women who are active during pregnancy than non pregnancy1 , or the doctor said you have to Either way, we just know that working out now will help you get your body back fasterstudies show 40 percent faster.Not only will you benefit from this emphasis on pre and post pregnancy fitness, but your newborn, your other children, and your partner will as well Why Having and raising a child takes an enormous amount of energy Im not telling you moms anything you dont already know By being fit and feeling good about yourself and your body, you will have of the energy and the enthusiasm that it takes to be a mom No one wants to drag their feet throughout the day.And when my husband dangles the running shoes, code for Please leave and come back normal, I realize we all struggle with caretaking issues What do I mean Well, we women are by nature givers and providers When we have kids, we have to sacrifice some of ourselves and our time and energy to devote to them A lot of women feel guilty for doing anything for themselves Let me tell you straight up from the start, the concept of the Supermom and the all giving and no receiving mom can lead to problems Im no psychologist, but I do know this In order to better take care of others, you have to start by taking care of yourself If youre not in good shape physically and mentally, you wont be as effective in carrying out your mothering responsibilities as you could be So, thats Lindsays Attitude Rule 1 No Guilt Besides, with the program Ive devised, you wont be spending hours and hours away from your family sweating in a gym or out on the road running miles and miles You get it done in fifteen to fifty minutes and your kids can be by your side.This book is based on cutting edge information from top research facilities I will guide you through a healthy pregnancy and crack down on losing the baby weight It all starts with a healthy pregnancy and gaining only the recommended amount of weight, which is no than twenty five to thirty five pounds if youre carrying one baby the average woman gains 27.5 pounds.2 Now, if youve already been through pregnancy and you gained , do not fret There is nothing you can do about the past there is only something you can do for the future You can use this book even if you had your baby five years agosimply skip the pregnancy chapter.Again, taking care of your family means taking care of yourself Spending some time working out isnt selfish its smart.Whom This Book Is Intended ForEven if you arent pregnant and are just beginning to plan your family, this book can help you achieve the level of fitness and the goal weight to get you on the right path I would love it if every woman got herself to her healthiest weight and fitness level before getting pregnant I know thats not always the case, and to be honest, it isnt always necessary However, if you think about getting your body back after childbirth, youll understand why it is beneficial to be in the best shape possible pre pregnancy Also, keep in mind Im a pre and postnatal fitness professional and I want everyone to feel the best about their body and their health Having a healthy and positive body image leads to increased confidence and better health Its confidence, not cockiness Both play a large role in being a woman If you are pregnant with a singleton or twins, as long as its a healthy pregnancy and you have your doctors permission you will benefit from every aspect of this book, from the non worker outer to the exercise vet, whether youve had no kids or eight kids If you are pregnant with twins, you will have to take extra caution throughout your workout Cardiovascular exercise is not recommended and you should stop exercising around twenty two weeks You can read rules on page 7 of the exercise design Just know you dont have to like working out, or eating tofu and broccoliif youre all about getting it done in the least amount of time with the least amount of thought, this book is for you HOW TO GET YOUR BODY BACK INTO SHAPE AFTER BABY, WHETHER THIS IS YOUR FIRST BABY OR YOUR SEVENTH Rule 2 Do Not Gain More Than the Amount of Weight Your Doctor s Recommend Thats it in a sippy cup The you are able to stick to a nutrition and exercise program that helps you to control the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy, the easier it will be post pregnancy to get your body back to where it was before pregnancy If you dont, youre looking at than five months to get that body back Obviously, then, the better shape you are in pre pregnancy and the accustomed you are to working out and not giving in to every cheeseburger craving, the better Just as obvious, this book is intended for women who are already pregnant and want to begin a wellness program.The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG recent guidelines state that if you are not physically active before getting pregnant or if you have a medical condition you should talk with your doctor to plan a safe exercise program So that means you should take this book with you and ask your doctor if its OK for you to do the Beginners Pregnancy Program And you will probably want to stick to a maximum of twenty minutes of exercise three times a week through your first trimester.3 If you dont have a history of exercising regularly, dont worry This book will show you how you can do a program that will carry you through each of the trimesters and beyond.Some of you have already gained sixty pounds from either this pregnancy or the previous one Dont worry This program will work for you toobut lets be honest, it might take you a little bit longer to lose that weight post pregnancy Your body is a fat burning machine right after pregnancy, so we need to take advantage of that when we can And to my exercise vets You will learn so much and find a good challenge within the workouts, although during pregnancy you will be the ones I will lecture for going too hard When we exercise too hard, the blood flow goes to our muscles and not as much to our baby Finally, this book is also intended for women who have already given birth, whether it was five days or five years ago I believe that it is both never too early and never too late to begin a fitness program.Rule 3 No Excuses What good does complaining about being in your thirties or forties and not being able to eat like you did in your twenties do You cant lose weight by talking And you simply cannot eat like you did in high school Im all about being straightforward and no bull crap, so leave your excuses at the door or in your maternity closet Its time to workbut you dont have to dedicate an hour or two to working out, I promise And you dont have to give up your favorite foods or the inevitable trip to the drive through Rule 4 No Looking Back For those of you who gave birth years ago and still havent gotten the pregnancy weight off, this book is for you And dont despair You cant change the past, but you can change the future Dont waste valuable time and energy kicking yourself for what you didnt do Expend that energy kicking yourself into gear today Ive structured the book so that if you arent pregnant, you can skip Part I which has a fitness plan for while you are pregnant and go immediately to parts II and IIIpost pregnancy and lifestyle plans.So Heres the SkinnyA simple, easy to follow guide for staying fit while pregnant and shedding the post baby pounds after Being a mom is the toughest job in the world It s difficult to take time for yourself Now, in How to Exercise When You re Expecting, even the busiest moms can learn how to stay strong and fit during their pregnancy and lose the post baby weight after Lindsay Brin, a women s fitness expert and creator of 1 bestselling Moms Into Fitness DVD series, shares insider tips to Understanding and tackling food cravings Exercises that are safe to perform during different stages of pregnancy Preparing for labor through relaxation and yoga techniques How your body and metabolism changes after childbirth Keeping fitness and nutrition a priority when time is scarce Battle tested through Lindsay s own pregnancies, How to Exercise When You re Expecting offers a before, during, and after guide that will get moms back in pre baby shape or better. How to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Ba ckHow to Exercise When You're Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Ba ck


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