Oxford Latin Course: Part I

ആ amazon indie Oxford Latin Course: Part I ඇ Book Author Maurice Balme ඛ Designed for North American students, this special version of the Oxford Latin Course combines the best features of both modern and traditional methods of Latin teaching, providing an exciting, stimulating introduction and approach to Latin based on the reading of original texts In this four volume North American edition, the order of declensions corresponds to customary U.S usage, and the spelling has been Americanized In addition, it offers full color illustrations and photographs throughout Parts I and II and an expanded Teacher s Book with translations for each part Parts I III now available in hardcover editions are built around a narrative detailing the life of Horace, now based closely on historical sources, which helps students to get to know real Romans with their daily activities, concerns, and habits and to develop an understanding of Roman civilization during the time of Cicero and Augustus Part IV paperback is a reader consisting of extracts from Caesar, Cicero, Catullus, Virgil, Livy, and Ovid The second edition of the Oxford Latin Course has been carefully designed to maximize student interest, understanding, and competence It features a clearer presentation of grammar, revised narrative passages, new background sections, emphasis on daily life and on the role of women, a greater number and variety of exercises, and review chapters and tests Each chapter opens with a set of cartoons with Latin captions that illustrate new grammar points A Latin reading follows, with new vocabulary highlighted in the margins and follow up exercises that focus on reading comprehension and grammatical analysis A background essay in English concludes each chapter Covering a variety of topics from history to food, from slavery to travel, these engaging essays present a well rounded picture of Augustan Rome The Oxford Latin Course, Second Edition offers today s students and teachers an exceptionally engaging and attractive introduction to the language, literature, and culture of Rome one that builds skills effectively and is exciting to use. Oxford Latin Course: Part IOxford Latin Course: Part I


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